Discount Cheap HP Computer | Dual Core Processor 500GB Hard Drive | 4GB RAM | Windows 7 Professional | Wireless WIFI Adapter with FREE Upgrade to Windows 10


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This system is designed to make short work of your everyday tasks; home or office. Its enhanced performance will eradicate slow loading times, so checking and sending emails, updating Facebook/Twitter, browsing the web and word-processing will become a breeze. It also comes with a Genuine copy of Windows 7 Professional pre-installed and the optional FREE upgrade of Windows 10 (Recommended!) Here at Rapid IT, we offer an out-of-the-box experience – which means all you have to do is enter your Genuine Microsoft serial key and you’re ready to go. With the digital age moving away from hard copies (I.E Discs) it’s time to digitally store everything on your computer or the cloud, this is why we fit all our systems with a spacious Hard Drive, so you can store hours upon hours of films, masses of photo albums and all your favourite music.

  • Ideal Office or Home System
  • 500GB Hard Drive for Mass Storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • Fresh, Genuine Install of Windows 7 Professional
  • Free Upgrade to Windows 10