Discount ADMI A6-6400k 4.1GHz Gaming PC: AMD Richland Dual Core APU / Radeon HD 8470D Graphics / Asus A88X-A HDMI Motherboard with AMD Triple Monitor Support / 8GB 1600MHz RAM / 1TB Hard Drive / 150mbps WiFi / Vantage Red LED Case / No Operating System


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Incredible Power and Versatility with the AMD Richland Accelerated Processors and on-board Graphics, feature-rich Gigabyte Motherboard and super-quick 1600MHz RAM

  • AMD Richland A6-6400K 4.1GHz Dual Core APU Accelerated Processor with Radeon HD 8470D On-Board Graphics
  • Asus A88X-A HDMI Motherboard with AMD Eyefinity/Dual Graphics/Triple Monitor Support
  • 1TB Hard Drive / 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM / 24 x DVDRW Drive
  • 150Mbps WiFi / No Operating System